Friday, December 15, 2017

Stay-cation Week

First day of my job (7/27/2017) vs last day of my job (11/ 30/2017) of my notebook. Beginning of a new chapter or plot twist in my life!

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First week of the new job went well! Took vacation time the second week of the job which my current bosses knew before I started the job. So far it's good! The team is very nice and I think we'll get along well. The work is different than I expected but I think I can figure it out. Fingers crossed it'll be easy! Hoping with the closer commute I'll have more time for the things I love.

Vacation has been fantastic! I have been so productive the first few days! I should do stay-cations more often! I had a small list of things I've been wanting to do for awhile but never got around to it and got about 70% of it done! Sad thing is because I stayed up late hanging with friends Sunday and Monday it made it difficult to get up and be productive like I originally wanted so it snowballed to waking up around 7-9am depending on the day...Ugh, never been a morning person.

The last half of the week I started slacking and just caught up on TVs, read, and sketched. haha Feels good! I'm nearly done with a sketchbook which I've had for quite a few years. I have 5 pages left! I also made falafel for the first time in my life and it was a hit with the family so I'm proud of myself for that! It's not hard but maybe next time I'll bake it instead of frying it. haha

Oh kind of a funny story. I treated myself to some new artist quality watercolor paints recently. They are the Sennelier half pan set. I only swatched them out so far but I like them a lot. I thought I was so clever getting a set then ordering more half pans to fill the set thinking it came with plastic half pan containers. Of course being a artist watercolor newbie I wasn't sure and didn't check the half pans and just assumed. I always got the student grade watercolors or tubes before this. I even went to my local art store to find half pans but they didn't have any in store! Turns out the joke's on me! I thought they only came with the paint but found that they do in fact come with the plastic container as I originally thought. Soo I was right but it also was a reminder to be humble and that I need to assume less.

I can't believe it's Friday! It's hard to go back but I know I need to and I want to do well so hope that I can still be productive for a few more days before I go back! There are things I know I can't or won't get done soon but at least I got most of what I wanted done during the week completed so those are a few tasks no longer hanging over my head.

I want to try to do weekly blogs again but more realistically it'll be monthly if I can. I just don't find myself that interesting. I have been trying to minimize and destash things I don't use. I just sold a bunch of old books and DVDs to Half Price Books and it just wasn't worth the price in my opinion. For about 15 books and 3 DVDs I got $21.75 total. Some of it was Manga but at least 3 were old college textbooks... Not thrilled about it but I wanted to clear out space for the longest time so that was worth it in the end. I might as well donate it next time. I feel like I may have gotten more as a tax deduction. lol Anyways, it was my first time and may be my last time doing that. I would get rid of some clothes but I hate shopping so...better to keep those because I'll have to shop for more if I get rid of too many. haha I know. Great logic.

The urge to write this week has been non-existent although it would have been a great time. I just found myself online and on social media. For some reason that is relaxing to I really should stop doing that and focus on doing the little things to achieve my goals. Anyways, learn from my mistake, if you're just on here reading or browsing and not doing anything productive, get off of here and start doing it!

Anyways, hope you all have been well and I'll try to keep you updated!


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