Friday, November 13, 2015

Nov 2015 Nanowrimo Wk 2 - WritingProject: Countdown #3 - Update #2

Countdown Series #3

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Project Goal: To get a first draft this novel.

Stage of writing: First Draft

What inspired my current project: I read a story on tumblr and read comments that said someone should write a story based off that topic. The suggestions and my desire to expand on it inspired my own version. It's paranormal (not sci-fi as I originally stated).

Last Update WC: 9,810
Week's Total WC: 8,840
Total Story WC: 18,650

Daily WC:
  1. 0
  2. 300
  3. 460
  4. 3,092
  5. 587
  6. 2,593
  7. 1,808

Last 200 words:

I remembered that he loved soccer but for now I decided that he didn’t need a reminder of what he couldn’t do right now but I had bought him a soccer ball which I hoped he would use one day in the future. Besides the basics I didn’t add too much of anything else because I wanted him to fill the rest of it himself. My hope is that he learns to show himself to us. Even though he has been little by little I know that there’s a part of him that he shut out from us and while I knew that it would be best to give him space I also wanted him to know that we’d be there to help catch him and help dust him off if he needed it.

I bounced on my toes in excitement at how much I hoped he would love this room and love staying with us. I couldn’t stop the smile that found itself permanently tattooed to my face. The possibilities of raising him. Already I knew that he would grow into a magnificent young man. Just a few nudges here and there and he would live a healthy and fulfilling life.


Thoughts of the Week

Total Words This Week: 8,840

Decided to list some of my thoughts I've had during the week to give you a little more insight on my progress and/or struggles.

  • Have not been exercising. *hangs head in shame*
  • Not keeping up with the reverse Nanowrimo method as I had intended. I've fallen behind and have yet to catch up. I just need an over 3k day and I'd be caught up to the typical Nanowrimo standard.
  • At least I've been able to keep up for the most part. I could do better.
  • Biggest issue is getting motivated to write despite having the time to do it.
  • *gasp* Almost half way through the story, word-count-wise.

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