Saturday, January 24, 2015

Review: Shoplet Featuring HP EcoFFICIENT Paper

Woot! It's an office supplies review! This time it's HP EcoFFICIENT Paper! I so love paper and this new product is pretty interesting. This post is sponsored by Shoplet.

Here is the front of the trial pack I got which has 50 pages. 

This is the back of the package.

What this paper boasts:
  • 20% lighter weight than standard copy paper 
  • Provides increased efficiency and resource utilization for printing, shipping, storage, and disposal 
  • Engineered for clean, trouble-free printing, saving time and money with less waste. This product was made from wood that came from a certified managed forest.
I like what the product is trying to do in making everything more efficient. I think they are good considerations since people use paper everyday. It's not an alternative to wood but it's responsibly sourced so that's still something if you can't wean yourself off using paper made from wood.

The image below is the stack of 50 pages when I unwrapped the pack and I think it's pretty thin.

It is very nice paper and it's easy to use in any printer if you want something that's lightweight and sturdy. The paper is bright white and weighs 16 lbs (60 g/m) so it is noticeably lighter than my current paper but the show through is much more as well. You can compare the images below. It's not too distracting but I did notice it when I printed that you can see the words on the other side and some pages past that too.

The paper is still durable, it's not tissue paper thin so I'm not afraid that it'll rip during transit or anything like that. It's a little more floppy to hold than my current paper because it's lighter weight but it's not a huge issue for me. It does sometimes bother me when shuffling quickly through the pages. Otherwise, it feels like regular paper to me so if you use paper everyday and want to be more efficient then this will save you on space and shipping.

Below is the current printer paper I use which is Boise at 20 lbs (75 g/m). You can see less show through than the HP paper. Please ignore the scribbled notes. Working on revising/editing my novel as you already know. Proof that I'm indeed working! 

Oh, for the record, I printed all of this on a laser printer. I didn't do any comparisons with inkjet printing but I assume it would have the same results.

I don't have a photo but I did use a little bit of fountain pen ink (Noodler's Ink) in an EF Lamy Safari and it wrote just fine with no feathering or bleed through. There was a little shadowing on the back but nothing different from what you see in the photo. I didn't do too much experimentation with it but that's something to note for my fountain pen friends. It might not take a broad nib but you'll probably be safe with F or EF nibs.

The paper is ideal if you want to save space in your printer tray or just want something more lightweight or easily disposable. I actually like it a lot and will indeed consider buying more in the future.

Overall, a great new product from HP. My only issue is that it shows through a little more than I'd like which distracts me when I'm reading but I just have to look at one sheet at a time and then it wouldn't be problem. I like how HP is trying to be more efficient using less which is great. It'd be better if it was made from something else or a mixture of wood but perhaps that's coming up next.

Have you guys tried this type of paper before? What do you think of it?

**Disclaimer: These products were provided by Shoplet and in return for this review I was able to keep the product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was paid. All Promotional ProductsMedical SuppliesOffice Supplies, and/or Office Stationary are courtesy of Shoplet.

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