Friday, August 8, 2014

Review: 1st Annual Big Comic Show

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts the last few weeks. Been recuperating the best I can especially with the holiday weekend and family coming over. Then I ended up focusing on writing for Campnanowrimo

Today I wanted to talk about the first Annual Big Comic Show (you can even see a rare photo of me on their page!) that happened in May hosted by a local library.

I arrived later than I would have liked. I live within 20-30 minutes but I still took a wrong turn and kept hitting all the lights so I made it much later than I would have liked. XD It didn't quite help that it rained that day too so it was deterring to most people from coming on a Saturday. When I did arrive there was a sign that told us which was our table or we could ask a librarian. We also got a couple little Hershey's nuggets with a welcome note which I thought was sweet (thank you!).

I was the last to set up in the room but there were some kind offerings of help that I had to turn down because I wasn't sure how I was setting everything up. The thing is, I haven't had a whole table to myself in awhile. I usually share with someone so it was strange having all this room. lol

Anyways, since it was the first year I didn't expect much sale-wise and while the people were kind and interested, I didn't make any sales. Not completely surprising since it is their first year and I can't complain too much since the tables were free but it would have been nice to recuperate some of the gas and time it took to get there. I think most people were interested in purchasing comics which as you all know I don't have any yet. Well I have some mini-comics completed but I am not satisfied with them and I didn't get any printed in time which was my fault. Still it was awesome to meet people and to talk to everyone.

The nice thing is that it was cool to meet all the other artists/comic creators in the local area. I haven't met some of them before so it was awesome to be able to network with a few of them. Overall, I had a good time and would like to attend next year if possible! :D

Now for all the photos!

Here's a shot of my table. :D

A few shots from behind my table.

Shots from entering the room.

We were split in different areas from the entire library. I was in the room where people just walk in through the entrance. Here's shots as you enter the library.

Shots of more of the inside library.

So I thought there was only three sections of tables but apparently I missed one section after looking through the artists list. Apparently, I wasn't able to get everyone. There were a few workshops I didn't get pictures of because I didn't attend but it sounded fun for those who were interested in making comics.

I'd love to attend again because I had a good time and it's close enough to me that I don't mind driving that distance. I hope that next year will be even better! Thanks for having me! Thanks for reading this far! Feel free to leave me any comments or questions below!

Also for you fellow YA fans there is going to be a YA Author Fest at the same library coming up July 26th which starts at 1pm! Definitely check it out! You can meet the authors and even some fellow fans! :D

(Notice: These pictures were taken at random so if you don't want your photo on my blog please let me know and I will either blur your face or take the photo down.)

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