Friday, August 22, 2014

Book Bouncers + Revising + Sketches

Hey everyone! Hope you all have been well! So, I have been able to talk to a friend about my stories, aka from now on are coined Book Bouncers. Yeah I think it's funny. lol We talked out some of the plot issues I have with my stories and I got feedback about it. That has been so helpful!

My book bouncer seems to be pretty excited over the stories which is great! They read stories that I like so it's good to have someone who reads similar stories. They have the knowledge to help me avoid common cliches and stereotypes and solve some story issues with some original ideas. That definitely helps motivate me to finish it. I know it's mostly done but I just need to fill in the empty spaces and help make the transitions better. Still needs revised and completed but it's on its way to being done. 

Going to try to set some hard deadlines for myself now that I'm more available. I hope to finish these stories one day even if they aren't as good as I had hoped. I really need to get them out because I've had them for years and it's getting horrible how unfinished I am with everything. The same with my comic projects.

I decided to try assigning myself tasks for the week for my project so that I  hope to get a little done each week. I was doing it daily but for some reason fell off that wagon. I was so productive during that time. I forget what distracted me but now I need to start doing that again. *pulls out calendar*

Current task of the week: Revise Blindfolded Love's story structure and add new pieces to the story.

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