Friday, March 7, 2014

Planning for April CampNanoWrimo + 2012 Sketch Dump

I'm going to do CampNanoWrimo again in April but I plan on doing it a little differently. I'm going to see if I can do a couple of rough drafts for the month. I'm not too sure which project I'm going to work on. I've been switching back and forth between a few of them. OTL I know, I'm horrible. XD

The overall goal for the month is to finish 20k a week for a few novellas. I'm attempting to write two first drafts for two stories. That'll be a total of 40k but more would be better. It'd be great if I could finish the drafts earlier but we'll see how it goes. lol I know I'm capable of 20k a week but that's pushing it for me. haha Better not miss a day. XD I have a general idea of the stories but rough outlines are going to be generated in order for me to write it well. lol

Now to determine which stories to work Wish me luck!

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