Friday, February 21, 2014

2012 Sketch Dump + Thoughts

Here's some more crazy/random stuff from my sketchbook. The first image are ideas for Blindfolded Love which you probably already knew. lol The later two images are just concepts for a story of mine. XD Also just practicing different body types which I really need to practice.

Not too much new on my end. Got over that blasted cold finally. I'm feeling much better. I really want Winter to be over. Spring is my favorite season and I can't wait for it to start.

Ah, I finished a sketchbook! It's my large 9x12 Strathmore 400 Series Recycled Paper Pad which apparently I still need to Whoops, I'll have to get on that. Well this was one of my first sketchbooks. I didn't even start dating my work then so I think I got it in either 2006 or 2007...We'll go with the later but since I finished it in 2014 it's taken about 7 years to fill. XD To be fair I do use up as much white space as I can so I went back to pages that I hadn't fully used yet. lol Still it's a good feeling. I'm already using a new one, it's probably a little over half way full of sketches for school but I plan on going back to fill in all the extra white space.

Oh I realized I can borrow ebooks from the library without using an ereader! I still need to buy one or get a tablet eventually. lol Going to use that as soon as I finish all the of the books I already have. Much easier to return books as well. XD

I did some storyboards for work! They actually went well! Better than I expected and they looked good. I even thought they were appropriately well drawn. I was worried I wouldn't draw it well enough since I'm not used to drawing settings or perspective. lol Still it's just mostly sketches but still I'm rather proud of myself.

The thought of just getting a comic done has crossed my mine. I think I'm good enough to not be embarrassed online now. lol Not that it should stop me or anyone for that matter. I'm also indecisive about the story which is why I keep postponing it. XD I really need to learn to suck it up but I'm heading there now. I need to start illustrating my little short story at the very least.

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