Friday, August 3, 2012

Review: Iwako Elephant Eraser

Today's review is the adorable Iwako Elephant Eraser that the gracious JetPens randomly selected me to review. When I first opened the package I was surprised because I didn't expect this! I haven't really used an eraser in awhile (if you follow my blog you'd know I usually sketch with pens) let alone an animal shaped eraser. It's so unexpectedly funny. XD This Elephant appears to be part of a Iwako Zoo Novelty Eraser Set. At first glance I thought it was a koala because of the big nose. XD The actual Elephant nose was hidden behind the body. lol Then I read the tag on the back that was in English that said it was an Elephant.

The little guy disassembled. :D It's quite easy to take him apart and put him back together. He's made of the rubber eraser material you can find from regular erasers. He's also nice and firm when you press on him. He's also not really squishy or remold-able like a Kneaded Eraser that some artists are familiar with.

Ta-da! He's whole once more! Sorry for my poor lighting. You can rotate his head and his trunk as well. I didn't take any photos of that but I should have. Isn't he adorable?! X3

Ok, when it came to actually reviewing this little guy, it was kind of hard to figure out what part I should use to erase. Should I take him apart and use him piece by piece? Or should I use the whole body to erase? I settled for using his hind leg.

Here's the full eraser review. I used a regular BIC Mechanical Pencil with .7 lead on Canson Sketch Paper. I wrote and did some shading then tried to erase the shading. As you can see it erases fairly well with just one swipe but did better with multiple swipes as does most erasers. I write pretty hard with a pencil too so some erasers don't cut it for me or leave messy smudges or eraser residue/shavings. This eraser didn't leave a lot of eraser shavings so it left it quite clean. I actually really liked that.

The little guy with the pencil bruise. XD That's where I used to erase for the review.

Some close ups of the swipes. Something to note, because of it's abnormal shape it makes it harder to erase accurately. I was trying to erase in a straight line and it kind of slanted. It could be because I erased it at a slant but you can't deny that the shape makes it a little harder to erase as accurately as a regular eraser.

Overall, I enjoyed playing with this useful eraser and you can't deny it's adorable! It erases cleanly and easily. While this is functional as an eraser I can't help feel that this is more of a piece of art or sculpture that should be played with rather than used as an ordinary eraser. Nevertheless, I'd recommend it for any creative or artsy little ones who like to play pretend like I do did. I would have had a kick with this as a kid as I played make-believe with my stuffed animals all the time. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take this little guy and recreate a circus (aka: set him up on my shelf to look at).

As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this product! :)


  1. Buahahaha I thought he was so cute! He really does resemble a koala sans trunk...

  2. Awesome! i love collecting these and i think i have
    over 100 ^-^