Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lion Drawing

Sorry guys, for not having the post done on time. Got distracted and things came up. >_<;;  Today you're just getting a lion drawing I did for my mom for her retiring boss. She works for a school and the lion is their mascot. She asked me to draw it, I was hesitant at first since I haven't really drawn animals in awhile but it surprisingly turned out better than I thought. I referenced some images online. 

Forgot to erase the pencil marks before I took the pictures but you get the idea. It was drawn with a shimmery silver marker but you can't really see it clearly. It's funny, I ran out of ink in the middle of drawing it because my mom used the same pen for people to sign a book. This was the cover of the book. I was going to use a Silver Sharpie but it was duller in color than the other marker so my mom went out to buy a new marker so it matched. :)

Here you can sort of see the shimmer of the marker but it still just looks white. You'll just have to trust me about the color. :D My mom was pleased and so were her co-workers so I'm glad they liked it. :D


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  1. Oohh!! Pretty!! I'd say this turned out quite well! I love the light marker/dark paper look.