Saturday, July 7, 2012

Monthly Sketch Giveaway - #3 July 2012

It's July's Monthly Sketch Giveaway! The giveaways will start the first Friday of the month and will end the last Friday of the month.

June's Winners: 
Azizah Asgarali
Anne Staszalek  
Jose Noyola

Winners have already been notified. If you didn't receive an email please let me know.

I figure this will help keep me practicing and you guys will get free art! :D Mind you, these will be sketches and depending on my time and how I feel will determine the level of detail in your sketch. It can range from simple to more complex depending on how I feel. Sorry about the inconsistency but this should be fun for me and you. :D

You only get one character. The minimum you will get is a black and white shaded bust sketch with little to no background. It can be traditional or digital. I will try to state it, if you want a traditional and want the original sent to you please let me know. (You'll have to pay for shipping and handling.) If I'm feeling inspired I could sketch up to a full body with a background and flat color, again it depends on how I feel. 

Example: (I'll try to come up with more examples but for now it'll be something like this)

The giveaway will end 12:01am on Wednesday, August 1 and the winner announced the upcoming Friday day!

This month there will only be one winner!

However, the amount of winners per month will vary depending on how I feel and if I'm busy!

A few rules (I know. Rules suck but we need them.)
1. No re-adjustments after the sketch is done. (If I mess up something then I will make adjustments, otherwise I'm not fixing it)
2. I have the right to add/omit items to a character's design but will most likely leave it as is.
3. This is original art for personal purposes only. Not for commercial use.
4. I have the right to display the art but credit for the character will go to the creator.
5. I will not draw:
  • hentai
  • yaoi/yuri
  • extreme gore/violence
  • lots of buildings/architecture
  • extreme mechanical things/mecha
  • anything I feel uncomfortable with
  • fully realistic people
I have the right to refuse to do a request for reasons that are not listed above!

If the winner does not respond a week after being notified a new winner will be selected.

If you're interested in more than a sketch and am willing to pay feel free to check out my Commission Information on my Deviantart!

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  1. As you know, I don't have a web comic (I can't draw) BUT I do enjoy "Hyperbole and a Half". Does that count as a web comic? I'm not sure, but I love it.