Pencil Sketches

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Back from Florida! Expect an update on things this Friday. Sorry this is late, I still don't know how to schedule posts. -_-;;

I wanna say this was More old smudgy sketches. I apologize for the quality but you can still see it. XD This is when I still sketched in pencil and before I knew about fixative. >_<;; As most of you who follow me regularly already know that I sketch with pen now-a days (they smudge less and I force myself to make every stroke count :D).

I think around this time I was finally finding my own style and sketching more decently. :D Was also starting to figure out and define my characters some more. I was also practicing filling out my pages instead of one character/element per page. I also went back and filled out all the pages I did that in my sketchbooks so that is also sort of why I'm taking forever to finish them. XD Gotta make every space count, right? :D

Cookies for those who can guess any of the characters! The ones that aren't labeled. XD Hope ya'll have a great rest of the day! :D

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