Friday, June 29, 2012

Florida Vacation 2012

Back from my vacation! It was ok. There were ups and downs but overall there were good moments and bad. Not gonna go into it here. Went diving and saw lots of cool critters (turtles, baracuda, lion fish, sea urchin, puffer fish, and a bunch of fish I don't know). Definitely plan on using some ideas and things I saw while on vacation to use in my "Little Mermaid" spinoff. :D /ends teasing

Gosh, I don't know how people take the beach for granted. I only went twice and didn't really stay long for either but if I lived there I'd at least go once a week. The reasons we didn't stay long is- one: because we were on a deadline and two: because I didn't want to get a sunburn and was tired/bored. There were no waves or anything interesting for one of the beaches. Went shopping at flea markets which are cool because I got a bunch of cheap useful items. Definitely wish that they had more of those where I live. Reminded me of the night markets in Taiwan when I visited. :3 I definitely could get used to the Florida weather although maybe not so hot. XD It was nice though when we were there at least for the most part, although we got lucky because we left before it started to storm. lol

I did surprise myself with being able to sketch a bunch and brainstorm on some of my comics! Super excited about that! Then again I was in a car for 8+ hours so there was only so much I could do. At least I used the time to be able to continue this streak...Luckily I was able to pump out a bunch of sketches and ideas for several of my comics. lol I was surprised I was able to handle sketching and writing in the car.

Also that is probably the most I've ever driven because I actually don't like to drive at all. lol I can and will if I have to but I avoid it when possible...I admit I was stiff from the lack of movement but it wasn't as painful as I thought it could've been. On the way home a van next to us tire blew out as I was passing them. That scared me because I thought it was our car! Then I was afraid that we could have got into an accident with that van and we were so far away from home. In the end we all made it home safely and I am glad to be home.

The trip was refreshing. I think I needed it. I needed a breather and needed to redirect myself and what I want to do in life. It reinforced my love of story-telling and drawing, so no worries about that. I still plan on doing comics and writing novels but needed that break to push myself to stop procrastinating and actually get them done! So I'm hoping this energy stays with me as I try to get off my lazy butt and get creating!

I know I owe a couple of people some sketches still. No worries. I'll be working on them. Just trying to recuperate after the vacation and get back into the swing of things. :D

Don't forget to enter my Monthly Sketch Giveaway! There are three winners this time. Next month there probably will be less as I prepare for Matsuricon! :D


  1. Welcome back!! Sounds like you do need to recover hehe. At least you had an overall decent time :) And were safe from hurricanes... (I'm trying to decide which cat to give you next in case I win hehehehe)

  2. lol Thanks! Yeah it was a decent time. :D Yeah was really glad we didn't have trouble with any storms or hurricanes when we left. LOL Go ahead, you've entered more than enough times for it. ^_~ Thanks for entering again!