Friday, May 18, 2012

Project Updates and AT Sketches

I've been working sporadically on different projects as of late. Below is a list of projects I've more or less been working on. Notice that I've decided to take some of my comic projects and am writing them as novels instead.

I decided that I could describe the story better in words with supplementary illustrations than illustrating it all because it would be so detailed. lol Not that you guys know or anything but I'm just letting you know. Still trying to carry out the others in comic form so no worries there. :D

Current Projects
Cryptic Treasures - Novel
Breaking - Novel
Blindfolded Love
Twisted: Wildly Charming
24 Hour Comic
Eilam JCP Story
Citlali JCP Story
Stolen Kiss

AlieNations(relaxed webcomic)

Don't forget to submit any pencil, pen, paper posts to be featured in June's Carnival! It's free to do and you get free exposure. :D If you've already written a review about any pencil, pen, or paper you can submit it. If you have one, submit it, submit it now!

Here are a bunch of random sketches/art trades I've done lately or in the past. You can find most of these on my deviantart. Don't forget to enter my Monthly Sketch Giveaway! 3 possible winners! Could it be you?

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