Friday, May 11, 2012

Monthly Sketch Giveaway - #1 May 2012

I'm doing a Monthly Sketch Giveaway! The giveaways will start the first Friday of the month and will end the last Friday of the month. This month will be an exception since it started a little late but that's ok, I don't expect a lot of entries the first round. lol

I figure this will help keep me practicing and you guys will get free art! :D Mind you, these will be sketches and depending on my time and how I feel will determine the level of detail in your sketch. It can range from simple to more complex depending on how I feel. Sorry about the inconsistency but this should be fun for me and you. :D

You only get one character. The minimum you will get is a black and white shaded bust sketch with little to no background. It can be traditional or digital. I will try to state it, if you want a traditional and want the original sent to you please let me know. (You'll have to pay for shipping and handling.) If I'm feeling inspired I could sketch up to a full body with a background and flat color, again it depends on how I feel. 

Example: (I'll try to come up with more examples but for now it'll be something like this)

The giveaway will end 12:01am on Thursday, May 31 and the winner announced the next day!

Normally there will only be 1 Winner per month but since it's the beginning I think I'll bump it up to 3 Winners this first time around! So your chances of winning is higher! :D Also you can only win once. Another winner will be drawn if you've already been selected.

A few rules (I know. Rules suck but we need them.)
1. No re-adjustments after the sketch is done. (If I mess up something then I will make adjustments, otherwise I'm not fixing it)
2. I have the right to add/omit items to a character's design but will most likely leave it as is.
3. This is original art for personal purposes only. Not for commercial use.
4. I have the right to display the art but credit for the character will go to the creator.
5. I will not draw:
  • hentai
  • yaoi/yuri
  • extreme gore/violence
  • lots of buildings/architecture
  • extreme mechanical things/mecha
  • anything I feel uncomfortable with
  • fully realistic people
I have the right to refuse to do a request for reasons that are not listed above!

If the winner does not respond a week after being notified a new winner will be selected.

If you're interested in more than a sketch and am willing to pay feel free to check out my Commission Information on my Deviantart!

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  1. I don't know anything about webcomics... I am rather unseasoned in that department so I have nothing good to share hehe. But thank you for offering such a unique giveaway! I think it's a great idea and is definitely a good way to get you to practice ;) and then some lucky people get some original art! Awesome.

  2. Thank you for doing this contest! My quest is to get art that inspires my 6 year old daughter as she loves to draw :)

  3. Oh btw we like this web comic by Paul Horn :)