Friday, March 16, 2012

Blindfolded Love Progress

Blindfolded Love continues to be my most completed story with an estimated 100+ pages. The whole story is completed but not the pages. I'm a bit reluctant to continue because I feel like the story isn't as strong as it could be in my mind. I keep holding myself back thinking that it's going to improve but I've already held back on it for several months with little to no major edits. I have it all scripted out but wish that it had more impact...

*big sigh* I have made the heavy decision to just continue it as is even though I don't quite think it's quite ready and may be a bit cliche. I know that I'm my own worst critic, also I'll improve as I go on so I feel like I need to stop holding myself back and just get it out there. Hopefully you all will enjoy the story. I still love it but actually never intended on creating their story. They actually were the product of another story which I thought I should do first before the other. XD So in a sense, the prequel, but felt like they had a story they had to be told so I got to it. lol
Here's the tentative first page but probably will change things around a little. Trying to decide if I should do thumbnails or not. I know the photos of pages above are thumbnailed but it was a basic layout as I was writing the script so it only has some of the main events. I already have the whole first 3 chapters blue penciled on card I probably won't just because the pages I had already done seem to work. I looked through the pages just the other day after a long break and they still flow ok. I'll probably change some of the panels but most of it is how I had planned in my head. I should just get it out there. XD

Is anyone out there willing to be a proof reader? I could use any critique from fellow creators. Maybe I should ask this when I get the pages up....XD

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