Friday, February 3, 2012

Sketchbook Project 2012 Art Dump - Pt 1

Made it in time to finish my Sketchbook Project 2012! Mailed it on the 31st. XD Talk about cutting it close. lol My theme was: Uncharted Waters. Didn't stick with the theme too much. Whoops. XD

So I had plans to make it fun and interactive but ended up having to rush so I forgot it. Plus with Ohayocon during the week it was due also kind of hindered me because I forgot when it was. Hopefully you guys have fun looking through my pages. I rebound the book adding pages, so I doubled the amount of pages...(bad idea now that I think about it) but was able to get it done in time. It's all in black and white which is fine, if I spent my time more wisely there would have been color. OTL

Broke up all the pages into 4 parts,  didn't realize my scans were that big. Oh well, just keep coming back if you like what you see! I started off good but as you can see I got a little lazy and just wanted to fill up the pages when I was done. I ended up writing quotes that I like so hopefully you'll find them inspiring as well.

If you guys get a chance to go to the tour cities please check out the actual sketchbook by finding and checking it out at one of their stops! ^_~ Also if you have an account and like what you see, please follow me there, here, at dA, or twitter! I will love you forever if you share this!!! <333 See Part 2, Part 3 , Part 4

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