Saturday, June 29, 2013

2012 SD + Self Pub Sketchbook? + Junowrimo End

Friends, would you guys be interested in a self-published sketchbook from me? It would be a small and cheap 20 paged book. If so, what kind of sketches would you like to see? Would you like it if I wrote little blurbs on the sides or just leave it as sketch images?

Been trying to do more sketching and watercolors but lately I've been trying to work on my novel for Junowrimo. I got to about 35k before I decided to stop because I ran out of material and had no idea where my story was going. It's been a valiant effort but I think I would have really nailed this if I actually planned a good outline. I'm glad I got this far on pantsing alone but I'm definitely a planner. I think I'll be able to include what I've written into something good. Just need to make the connections. I like what I've written so far, of course major editing will be needed but it's a good start and I'm proud that I made it this far. Did you any of you guys participate? Did you win?! :D

I'll be participating in July Campnano after this crazy Junowrimo but my word count will be far less and I'll be working on a different story in general. I'm thinking I'll do 20-25k for my word count because it's more of a comic script than a novel. It's actually Blindfolded Love (the characters I sketched below) I plan on working for Campnano so I have a clearer idea of Niella and Kuwei's story. I just wanted it more detailed because right now it's just generalized so that isn't good enough for me. I would also love to get the pages thumbnailed if I have enough time for that during the month.