Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Homework Sketch Dump 15 + Upcoming 2013 Conventions

Sorry guys, no good excuse for not having any blog posts up besides I forgot and haven't been able to get myself to do them. ^^;;

I'll be tabling at Otakon and Matsuricon this year! I'm surprised I got in at Otakon but I am super excited! I'm going to need to create new stuff! What would you guys like to see? I'll be attempting to make some mini-comics or stand alone comics to sell. I'll see if I can do some buttons and stickers as well. So far, I'm trying to get more prints so let me know what you'd like to buy from me. :) Any of you guys going there?

I've been reading a lot and trying to get motivated to write my stories and get some of it done but I seem to always hang out in limbo...I have to get myself doing something. Anyone out there wanna poke and prod me into doing work? XD

Wish I had more to say. I have been messing around with my watercolors which is something. Now if only I can use that to create more art/prints then that would be grand. lol That's an idea, huh? :D

Sketches I had to do for my 3D modeling homework at school. These sketches were all copied from Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing from Life. It's interesting to learn to draw from it. Hopefully it improves my anatomy. XD

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