Sunday, March 31, 2013

Review: Shoplet Featuring Officemate Products

Another round of great office supplies from Shoplet Promotional Products to try out! This time it features Officemate products! This review was a little tougher to do for me since I don't use these type of products everyday but I definitely could get used to using them everyday. :)

The items to review include:
Officemate Portable Dry Erase Clipboard Case OIC83382
Officemate Recycled Rotary Organizer OIC26255

First up is the Officemate Portable Dry Erase Clipboard Case. I was super excited to give this a try since I've been looking for a storage clipboard for personal uses. I wanted to be able to take my comic pages or art/sketches with me if I happened to go travel somewhere and needed something that could carry the bare necessities. This turned out to be great for me! It's like a mini briefcase in which has all the things I need for travel.

Here is the clipboard completely opened. Notice it has some storage spaces above and below the handle but beware that any loose items will move around. Although all items stays within the storage space when it is closed, don't expect small items to stay completely put when it's open. Nothing is magnetic, it is completely plastic. Also there is a little compartment for pens or pencils at the bottom which is good and bad. It accepts only certain widths of pens. It does not fit my Lamy Safaris or other wider pens. Thin pens and pencils work fine though.

Plastic clip holds tightly and securely but I wonder how long it would last since it is only plastic. There is no back up clip, if it breaks the entire clipboard won't close and you'd be forced to buy another.

A close up of the handle, it's comfortable to hold and is smooth. It won't catch on your hand uncomfortably so you won't have any problems grabbing and going it if you're in a hurry.

Trying out the dry erase feature. It's great if you're in need of illustrating a point to someone visually. Of course you'd have to carry a dry erase marker which I'm not too sure who does that these days...Still you could just stick it in the clipboard and forget about it until you need it! I had fun drawing on it knowing I can erase it later. You should note that if you place papers on top of the dry erase board it will wipe or scratch off the dry erase marker. So make sure you copy down the important information before you put anything on the clipboard part.

Clip of the clipboard! It's also plastic but fairly sturdy. It gave me a fairly good, even pressure on the paper so that it didn't slip when it was clipped. It also wasn't too tight that it wouldn't slip out easily, I'd have to give it a good tug which is fine with me.

Some sketches trying out the clipboard. I was a bit concerned that writing/drawing on the dry erase board part would make my writing or drawing uneven which is only true around the edges. If you keep margins like a half inch to an inch from the edge of the paper you should be fine. You don't have to worry about unevenness if you stay within the margins. If you're the type to use the ENTIRE sheet of paper you might have to readjust the paper so your lines stay straight.

Inside of the clipboard, just had the papers/comic/art in the larger area. Stuck some clips and a notepad at the top compartment and a kneaded eraser in the bottom. I have a mechanical pencil and a click eraser at the bottom. Overall, it's a neat and convenient portable clipboard and I hope it lasts for awhile because I could get used to using it everyday. A few things I wished it had was enclosed compartments that would ensure any small objects wouldn't fall out and that it was made of some recycled materials such as the following product.

This is the Officemate Recycled Rotary Organizer it's a nice little organizer. Actually it's not really small with 17 compartments! It's funny because it actually had more compartments than I could fill out with stuff. It is made of 30% post consumer recycled content which is good. The organizer is really handy because you can put any well loved item there an never lose it (as long as you remember to always put it back).

Some shots of the organizer with my stuff in it. It's a bit deceiving, the center compartments are actually much deeper than they look. Pencils and my nib holders poke out conveniently. However, my fountain pens barely show up, you can seem my Lamy Safaris and Noodler's Ahab kind of peeking out of there. That makes it a bit harder to grab and use, I'd have to dig a bit which isn't bad but does make it inconvenient if I'm in a hurry. The built in tape dispenser is nice but a bit hard to get out at first but it wasn't too bad.

Top view of the front part of the rotary organizer. Fits a bunch of stuff which is extremely nice!

There are swooping compartments where I put the correction tape and chap-stick I have. I thought it was unusual but then realized you could put paperclips and such in there. I didn't have any at the time but I wondered why it swooped like that. XD

Here are more compartments at the bottom of the organizer. Again, plenty of space for whatever office supplies you need to put there.

Back side shots! Love the notepad compartment, easy grab, tear, and write! I should note the rotating of the organizer isn't really smooth but it does move. Hopefully, it won't bother you too much, it's not a huge deal for me as I don't rotate it much. I put the things I need the most up front anyways.

A great product which allows you to make the most of your space while keeping it all organized. It's very convenient and something that many people could find this useful. It doesn't have to be used for office supplies but also for arts and crafts if you do that.

**Disclaimer: These products were provided by Shoplet and in return for this review I was able to keep the product in exchange for an honest review.

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