Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Homework Sketch Dump 13 + Crafty Time

More sketches from my homework. This is a bit late but I had to throw out something since I've been slacking on these posts among other things.

I suppose I was in a crafty mood over the weekend since I was able to make 2 sketchbooks using the Coptic stitch which sort of fit into this leather wallet I found at the thrift store to make into a little travel book. XD It was actually kind of fun! I didn't do anything else I was supposed to do which is bad but at least I did that since I've been meaning to since I bought the wallet. I just had trouble finding paper that would fit it. I messed up a lot the first time and ripped a hole in one signature but the second time I think I did it pretty well. :D I did run out of floss which I used and it works. lol

The books don't quite fit how I'd like it but it still functions well enough. haha I think I need to make the books a little thinner since I underestimated the amount of space the inside flap will allow to open easily. The books do lie flat and I can flip it 360 and hold it in one hand if I wanted which is really nice. The wallet is about 4 x 6 closed but around 8 x 6 opened. I took 5 x 7 paper pads and made the books and it fits mostly but there are a few adjustments I need to make. The book fits but it sticks up a bit and doesn't close completely. I guess I'll need to find an elastic band to hold it closed. I'll have to take pictures of them to show what I mean. lol

Otherwise, I've been reading a lot more novels so I haven't be producing as much as I should. Not too much to say right now except I that I need to be more productive in what I need to do. Also my room is a disaster and I need to clean it. lol Been slacking on my journals and sketch pages too. I don't know what happened....>_<;; Losing any focus and motivation I had earlier. I need to get back on track. Someone help keep me on track! XD

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  1. Now THAT is the way to spend your weekend :) Beautiful sketches btw!