Friday, September 21, 2012

Monthly Sketch Giveaway Winner

August's Winner: 
Azizah Asgarali

Winner have already been notified.

(Note to previous winners: Don't worry I haven't forgotten you. I'm just going to be a bit slow. I will get them done, so please don't worry!)

Thank you to everyone who has entered! Unfortunately, I've decided to discontinue my giveaways as I've been falling behind on my sketches and don't want you guys to have to wait a year before getting them.

Some of you maybe already noticed the absence from my Twitter or when I didn't post a new giveaway. I apologize to everyone who was hoping for a sketch, but stick around, I will hold random giveaways whenever I finish these other sketches or when I'm in the mood. Oh I created a notebook design which I think some of you would love. Took the pictures finally so I'll be sharing it on my blog soon!

Thanks again! I love you all!


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