Friday, June 8, 2012

Review: Stabilo Bl@ck Pen

So the gracious JetPens randomly selected me to review this randomly selected pen. I shall not let this go in vain! First off, this is a Stabilo Bl@ck Pen. At first impression it was a neat, kind of futuristic-looking pen because I've seen rubber grips but not a WHOLE rubber pen. lol (Please note I'm no expert when it comes to pens but this one definitely intrigued me.) So I immediately went to go test it out on my Rhodia notepad.

The Stabilo Bl@ck Pen is really sleek in my opinion. I really love the design and the rubber material, a nice and non-slip grip. This is great because I tend get my hands wet a lot (I wash my hands often) so I prefer a rubber grip pen so writing with this pen was a breeze. When I write with a non-rubberized pen sometimes my hands slip or I have to tighten my grip, so if you're like me and write with wet hands, you'd might want to think about getting this pen. It's a nice firm but not too firm of rubber grip. I'd say comparable to the grip of the Pilot G2 pens, which I know a bunch of you are familiar with. ^_~

The ink is a nice dark royal blue. I find it pleasing because a lot of blue inks I've seen (not too many) are lighter blues so this surprisingly came out nicely dark and rich. The writing was very smooth, I loved it, it just glided over my Rhodia paper. The only things I wished was that it was a refillable pen and that I had a smaller nib size. I personally would prefer a finer line compared to this medium but that's just my opinion. I've found they do offer a Fine Stabilo Bl@ack so I may have to go get one myself after I use this up. lol

The ink didn't dry too fast, I didn't calculate how long but it probably also was related to the type of paper I was using as well. I don't usually have problems with dry times because I think a lot before I write but lefty people may not love how fast it dries. Then again it's a roller ball pen so I just thought I'd mention it.

Some close up shots of the pen. When I first got this pen I wondered, "What is that little nub bump?" (at the top above the word "Medium") I thought it was to allow the user to be able to get a good grip when pulling off the cap but it didn't make sense because the cap came off fairly easily. Then when I looked at the website it turns out it's for "anti-rolling" purposes. XD Maybe it's just me being OCD but I'd prefer if it had one on the other side to make it symmetrical. It did serve it's purpose but sometimes rolled a full turn before it stopped. I think the clip of the cap did more to stop it from rolling than the little nub bump.

I write with my caps posted and love the seamless look of the posting on this pen. The reason I post my pens is that I either play with the cap in my non-writing hand or I loose it. I also love the feeling of a securely posted cap. This doesn't really "click" or "pop" but kind of squeezes on there so you know it's secure. The weird/fun part for me is popping the cap off. It makes a little "boop" sound because of the rubber and thought it was hilarious and did that a few more times for pure entertainment. Yeah, I'm weird, sorry. >_<;;

Some more close ups of the nib. Typical looking roller ball nib.

Some close up of the writing. Nice clean lines. No splotching or skipping. Really smooth. The parts where it was darker in my writing was only because I went over it again because my writing still needs work. lol

Some doodles I did with the pen of my characters. :3

Over all I'd recommend it if you like rubberized pens with sleek designs and dark, rich ink. Loved the writing experience and the pen overall. I may have to get a fine version of this pen to compare a little more. Looks like a JetPens order is in the future! :D

Let me know if you guys have any questions or comments about this pen. :D


  1. Oooh I do like the seamless look of the pen when it's posted! That is awesome. I've only ever used one Stabilo before (the pointVisco, kinda resembles a pencil) but this one looks really neat. The fine would probably be awesome for doodling.

  2. Thanks for the response. Yeah, I like it when it's sleek looking. XD Ohh interesting, I'll have to try one of those some day. :D