Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Start of my Comic/Manga Obsession

(Sorry for the late post. I had it all typed out and I meant to schedule it for Friday but forgot...>_<;;)

Becca, the author of a great and useful comic blog I follow ( had asked several good questions on Twitter.

She asked webcomic friends: How'd you get inspired, how was your start, how have you kept it going?

Well I thought those were some great questions and thought I'd share with you all how I became addicted attached to comics/manga. :)

My Start
How I first came across manga-styled art was actually when I was younger and watched cartoons. I actually came across Sailor Moon when watching TV but surprisingly that wasn't what made me fall in love with comics. XD

I later got into the craze for Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh. I collected the games, toys and cards but that still wasn't how I got into comics. (Yeah I know, keep dragging it out why don't ya. XD)

Now it was when I was in High School and my sister had told me to read a book that she liked. I accepted since I think I was bored at the time. It was a manga called "MARS" by Fuyumi Soryo. I became entranced with the illustrations and the complex storyline. That manga started my addiction to reading manga and leading me to other online comics. The rest was history, I just kept finding more and more online comics and manga to read. My sister liked comics/manga but eventually got tired of it. I ended up continuing it fueled with passion. :D

My Inspiration
I get inspired by reading other manga, online comics, and novels. I also get weird ideas from dreams sometimes. lol Sometimes I see glimpses of everyday life that is inspiring. Such as people watching (I'm kind of an avid people watcher sometimes. lol). The different personalities based on their appearances can lead to some interesting character designs. Overhearing conversations also can be pretty funny and inspirational.

How I Keep Going
I kind of laughed at this because I'm STILL going.

I don't know why I keep going exactly. Maybe it's my creative outlet? The unfortunate thing about this is that I wish I had something actually finished. I know this is my own fault. I keep trying to improve myself that I keep forgetting it's ok to make mistakes and just move on.

I seem to dwell on several projects half finished and just stop and ask myself, "Is this ok? Is this good enough? Is it too predictable?" I do this because I want it to be perfect. I want to create something epic, something people will remember. Perhaps it's my "perfectionist" persona at work but I know that I can never be known or improve if I don't put myself out there.

So there ladies and gentlemen, that is how I got my start. I thought these were some good questions and in the spirit of sharing I'd like to ask you guys these same questions! If you feel up to it, reply to the questions above either in the comment section or through a blog post. If you write a blog post, link it to me and I'll share it here on my blog. :D

Thanks for reading! <3

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