Monday, January 23, 2012

Importance of Support Groups

This is unfortunately a subject where I'm lacking. I'm kind of used to doing things solo, I mean, I can work in a group too but I always thought of comic-making as a solo thing. That is, unless you're collaborating with a partner or building a comic in an assembly line(pencils, ink, color, lettering etc). There isn't a wrong or right way to do it, but during those moments of despair or frustration, a support group would be great to turn to in those times of need.

Support groups are those who help give honest critique of your work and are there when you need them. They don't necessarily have to be your friends (but it sure does help! ^_~) so be open to the possibilities! They also can help you brainstorm for ideas if you get stuck. They can be great motivations if you like to slack or procrastinate (like me). They can give you fresh eyes or perspective that you may not have noticed or thought of while creating.

Unfortunately, I have driven some people away due to my anti-social behavior and reluctance to share my stories with others on the basis that I'm not very verbally articulate and think my stories are still raw. It may also be that I don't talk about it much so they don't even know that I draw comics. Not something I take outside, when I go out because I tend to go hang out with friends so drawing comics don't really cross my mind. I've been better trying to bring a small sketchbook/notebook to jot ideas or brainstorm during any dead time.

So learn from my mistake as I'm learning now. Be open, be who you are, be willing to accept constructive criticism. Most people are willing to give good advice so don't close your ears because they truly do want to help.

There is a multitude of support online, which is helping bridge the communication gap. I've already been seeking some established comic creators who have similar tastes as me who are friendly and willing to help. I'm learning a great deal from them! Of course, I'm still working on building my comic so I don't have a lot to show but don't hesitate to find your own group of support. You can even join me!

So I guess what I'm saying is that this is a call out to anyone who would want to be in a support group! Feel free to contact me as well if you'd want any support! I'm still learning but looking for any friendly people who have a passion for comics as well as similar tastes and are open minded!

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