Friday, April 9, 2010

PI Sketches + BL progress

A quick drawing of a dog character...not sure if I'll keep the name Pocket. Seems too generic...might change it to something else more clever. Doesn't look like it but he's supposed to be really tiny so that he can fit into your pocket. Hence the name Pocket. XD

A drawing of Kyomi with her camera. Some of the proportions are wrong but oh well...XD

A couple of drawing of Riley with Pocket. He looks different every time I draw him! Here you can see the size difference between him and Pocket. lol

Getting the progress of Blindfolded Love done fairly well. I've done a number of blue pencil pages and about 3 or so penciled. Nothing is set in stone/ink yet as I've yet to confirm the character designs. This is the most I've done for a comic, I hope that I can finish this eventually. Now I gotta stop bouncing around on other projects...T_T

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