Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Belated Memorial Day!

Hiya! I know I haven't updated this in forever...but let me break it down.

-The last few months I've been working on school and hanging with friends.
-I've been just drawing not working on my manga.
-I've been lazy...
-I went to the Asian Festival with my friends, which was a blast except our camera didn't upload the pictures...
-Celebrated Memorial's Day with school off! *dances*
-I found a new group of very awesome people who I love to hang out with. Who speak the same language as my family, which was hard to narrow down. I've never met anyone who could speak the same dialect as my parents, plus they are so cute!!
-Summer's coming up and I plan on going to King's Island with my friends even though I went last summer. XD
-And last but not least, finals are coming up. And I'm not as prepared as I'd hope.

Bleh this group of finals is my worst and this is only my 3rd quarter....sad I know. lol I just kind of got bored and started procrastinating and hanging with friends. I'm usually anti-social and put my homework before having fun but now it's the other way around. Go figure. lol

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