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Review: Shoplet Featuring SteelMaster Tablet Stand

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This week I got another great office supplies and promotional product from Shoplet! It's the SteelMaster Tablet Stand! I was a bit on the fence on whether I wanted to review this product or not because the primary use seemed to be for tablets and as I do not own a tablet I couldn't quite justify reviewing one. Then I realized I could offer some other ideas and uses for this product and convinced myself to review it!

Yay for talking myself into reviewing this!

This is the SteelMaster Tablet Stand as you can see it is made of a fairly durable materials. It looks like it could ding or dent if you drop it from a high place to a hard surface so I don't recommend doing that. If you accidentally drop it a few times, I don't think it'll render it useless. ^_~

It is made from 50% post consumer recycled content which I was pleasantly surprised to find out about. I'm not sure if the recycled content is in the steel or not but it does have some heft to the weight so one might think it was all made of steel. Below are the photos I took with my SteelMaster Stand.

An above and side shots to give you and idea of the angle and the lip of the stand. It's sturdy and I have no doubt it will stay put if you slip your tablet or anything else in there. The only adjustment I'd like is if the stand and angle were adjustable. It would also make it easy to take with you and store.

Unfortunately it's welded in place so it's fixed in only that location so you can only use it in one angle. That's understandable because it decreases the chance of your tablet slipping or moving. The angle works fine for me, if I had a tablet I don't think I'd have an issue using it on the stand or worry about readjusting it too much.

I like the seemingly durable material the stand is made of, unfortunately it is very easy to get finger prints and smudges on it by just handling or moving it. The steel is also very reflective which I didn't realize until I was taking pictures and saw my own reflection! That's probably why you you guys are getting these weird and creative shots. Those are just some things worth mentioning that may be a turn off to some of you.

Below is the bottom of the stand. It made of non-skid material which feel suspiciously like foam but not the cheap kind. I'm not sure if the material is water resistant or not so try not to get it wet just to be safe. I do kind of wish that the pad would extend a bit more towards the back edge. It's not necessary except when I use it for more than just reading. You'll see what I mean later.

Closer look at the non-skid material. Sorry, the pictures came out blurry. >_<;;

Ah, so the reason I decided to review this product was for other reasons than for holding a tablet.

Here are my lists of reasons:
  1. To hold a book open as I read.
  2. To hold a notebook as I edit.
  3. To hold a sketchpad as I sketch lightly on it. 

The first idea of using the stand to hold a book open is that I read a lot so I often get tired of holding a book open. This problem is quickly solved by placing it in the stand as I read! Lazy for the win! lol Ok, I still have to turn the pages but I'll settle for that. This may be great for your Kindle or Nook because all you have to do is swipe the screen. ^_~ As you can see the book is held securely by the lip of the stand so you never have to worry that the item will fall as long as it is held on a flat surface.

My other two reasons are more personal but others may find it useful. I can use it to edit a manuscript written in a notebook but the thing is that you have to hold the stand and notebook steady as it'll tilt backwards if you put too much pressure on it so beware of that. This is why I wished that the non-skid pad on the bottom reached to the back end because it would help with the tilt but that isn't the purpose of the stand so it's not a huge discouragement to me.

Using the stand for this purpose is good if your neck gets tired looking down or don't feel like resting the papers on your thighs. Same with sketching because you can use it as an easel. You would also want to make sure that the notebook or sketchbook you're using has a good sturdy backboard if you're using a surface larger than the stand. Otherwise over-sized papers will flop over the top of the stand where it lacks support.

I'm sure there are a ton of other reasons to use this simple but effective stand and I've only named a few but that's all that I'm going to list. Overall, this is a nice sturdy, Eco-friendly little steel stand and if taken care of would seem to last for years to come. The only things that I wished it had were adjustable notches to adjust the angle as needed. This would also make it easy to carry around and when I don't have a use for it right away it's isn't easy to store. Still I highly recommend it if this is the type of stand you're looking for to hold a tablet, book, or whatever you plan on using it for.

**Disclaimer: These products were provided by Shoplet and in return for this review I was able to keep the product in exchange for an honest review. 

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